A short guide to Wedding Video styles

A short guide to Wedding Video styles

A few decades ago there was only a single type of wedding videos, but as time passed and technology has evolved, we are put face to face with a wide range of choices in this sector. Most videographers have equipment to perform all wedding video styles, so it’s up to you to select the one that you prefer. In this post, we are going to present you some of the best wedding video styles that you can find right now. Remember that you need to choose a style that suits your personal preferences, but also the wedding theme.

Video Journalistic style

This is a very good alternative to the normal wedding videos because the videographer will document your wedding from the beginning of the day to the end. Most videos included in this category will include interviews with the guests and unique snapshots on all important events that occur during the wedding. The videographers will stay mostly in the background while filming, thus creating a movie similar to a documentary of your wedding. The only interaction they will have will be with the people they are interviewing. Those persons that want to have a more formal wedding instead of a normal one prefer this particular type of wedding video.

Cinematic video

This type of video focuses on the emotion and drama that happens during the day. Just like its name says, it brings a cinematic perspective on all that happens during the day, while also including some special effects, music and a montage of the most important events. Some of the shots will be directed by the videographer so that he will be able to capture all the guests in various situations during the wedding night, be it dancing, interacting with the married couple and so on. This is similar to the journalistic video style, although here you can see a lot more interaction and effects, which definitely makes it a more demanding video.


Just as the name says, this particular wedding video can be chosen if you want your wedding to be told as a story. The videographer will capture all the events that happen during the day, integrate into all of the activities, and interact with the groom or bride. This can be seen as a reality TV show where everything is captured naturally and without any scripting. You won’t see any slow motion or any other effects, instead the storytelling wedding video is one more focused on documenting the wedding as naturally as possible.

Short Form Wedding

While many people want to have an extensive video for their wedding that documents it in every detail possible, there are lots of persons that go with a short form video. This particular video focuses on a heavily edited cut of the whole footage captured during the wedding, which will last between 15 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the length of the whole wedding and the amount of total footage that was captured. This particular technique blends the cinematic and journalistic style, but it lacks numerous elements, such as the ceremony speeches.


This is the normal wedding video style that a videographer offers for any wedding. It’s long, with the resulting videos adding up to a few hours, and it’s very expensive because it requires a lot of time and equipment from the videographer. Many professionals aren’t offering this particular service any more, and that’s why it’s recommended to choose one of the others that were displayed above.

These are the most important wedding video styles that are offered by any videographer. All of them offer a different approach when it comes to filming, so it’s up to you to select the one that you like, based on your budget and expectations.

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